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JRJason Rader
Jason Rader
My first tattoo. 18 yrs ago!

My first tattoo. 18 yrs ago!


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My first tattoo, 22 yrs ago...20 yrs agoMy 1st 2 yrs ago by myself My first tattoo right ankle.  Had this done 2 weeks after I turned 18, (18 yrs ago) the butterfly to me symbolizes the freedom of becoming an adult and spreading my wings.2nd tattoo, 20 yrs agomy first tattoo @ 18 My 1st tattoo i did .. Few yrs ago now
My first tattoo I got almost 10 yrs ago 32 yrs ago . First tattoo at 18. 10 years ago ❤️My first tattoo, got this when i was 18, 20years ago 😮My first tattoo #18