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"San Junipero" by #sambarbertattoo

"San Junipero" by #sambarbertattoo


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Dreams and wine done with love at BlackSerum San Francisco 🖤Thanks Val!!! My bookings are open for December/January and February in San Francisco 🌁, those are our last 3 months in the Windy City ! New details about our future project soon 📩 or call @seventhsontattoo ❤️ #tattoo #tattoolife #tattoodo #ink #inklife #blkttt #sphinx #missjuliettattoo
« Spring » tattoo done with love at SAN FRANCISCO California 🖤💕 BBOOKING OPEN APRIL-MAY by email : booking.sadamish@gmail.comCommission tattoo done with love ❤️ for Jesse at Blackserum SAN Francisco ✨