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This tattoo is not mine but I love it.πŸ’œ #music #musicplayer #player #minimalist

This tattoo is not mine but I love it.πŸ’œ #music #musicplayer #player #minimalist


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Not mine. But would love it Another tattoo not mine but love it! Part of my dream tattoo. This is not mine but I want it. #megandreamtattoo  This is the style I love doing and I enjoy the most. 
Freehand on fingers.
I love it.This is a freehand japanese inspired backpiece i love doing all styles but this is one of my favoritesNot mine but in love with this tat!
This is mine,I really love it. Not mine but I like it.I love this not by me but love itI have this one but this is not my arm. And mine is not finished yet.Not one of mine but love it lolnot mine but i love~ #abstract #watercolortattoo #backtattooo