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KWKenton Wallis
Kenton Wallis
“My story isnt over”

“My story isnt over”


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My story isnt overMy story isn't over Cancer Ribbon, Mental Health Ribbon, and substance abuse ribbon. Along with a #SemicolonProject tat. My story isnt over yet.💜semicolon (means my story ain't over yet)This is my arm tatoo. "My story isn't over;"Semi Colon; My story isn't over yet #SemiColon #hand
My story isn't overMy story isn't overMy first tattoo. "My story isn't over"My story isn't over #depression #imafighter #lifestruggle God gives me strength and my path isnt over #SemiColon My story isn't over yet!!! #reminder #keepsmegoing #bipolar #maybeclichebutiloveit