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AHAaron Hodges
Aaron Hodges
The creator if the “Twilight Zone” Rod Sterling.

The creator if the “Twilight Zone” Rod Sterling.


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Heres the finished product from yesterdays tattoo during the live feed at my studio Grit N Glory on the Tattoodo facebook page! If you missed it, you can still check out the video on their FB page! Thank you everyone that tuned in 💕Up for grabs. DM me if you like the orient OG stuff. #traditional_tattoo #boldwillhold #tatuering #södermalm #eurotradtattoo #bright_and_bold #oldlines #tradwork #oldworkers #刺青
So this piece was one if the most fun ever! Leah asked me to make a pin up girl taking off her skin... so this i what resulted and it reminds me of the #hellraiser series from back in the day. Anyone familiar with clive barker? If not do yourself a favor and watch the hellraiser movies. Thet were ground breaking in thier time. #pinupgirl #traditionaltattoo If you paint it they will come. Flash from a recently painted sheet on the walls of Great Lakes Tattoo. #greatlakestattoo #ifyoupaintittheywillcome #chicagotattooshops #walkintattoo