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AAAvius Animus
Avius Animus
Everything he saw I draw, god and feminity around.

Everything he saw I draw, god and feminity around.


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Super tough kitty! #panthertattoo #traditionaltattoo I draw everything from scratch ya’ll i reference different illustrations, concepts out of life and some classic flash but i mash it up in my head and draw that. #megandreamtattoo I saw this One and I loved it....Something I saw and liked in Germany#megandreamtattoo idea. Dear god i would just about melt if i woke up and saw this on my body every day....HE is greater than I.  Meaning God is greater than me My bsf does these i draw them he tattoos them
He is a god #god #best @amijames Clover and letters were there... I worked everything around it and went over the top set of letters...I AM MY OWN GOD. custom filigree letteringAnime and lettering... around the lines he already hadNot mine but I saw online and liked I came I saw I conquered