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In memory of my dad. *01.february.2014*πŸ’žHe played the guitar as a hobby.The notes are from *frankie goes to hollywood - the power of love*, the song we played on his funeral 🎢I created the tattoo by my self 😊#guitartattoo #guitar #notes #note #Fender #Stratocaster #thepoweroflove #frankiegoestohollywood #restinpeace #rip #daddy #dad #daddytattoo

In memory of my dad. *01.february.2014*πŸ’ž He played the guitar as a hobby. The notes are from *frankie goes to hollywood - the power of love*, the song we played on his funeral 🎢 I created the tattoo by my self 😊 #guitartattoo #guitar #notes #note #Fender #Stratocaster #thepoweroflove #frankiegoestohollywood #restinpeace #rip #daddy #dad #daddytattoo


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In memory of my dad, who played guitar.Guitar Daddy Tattoo by #Father #Dad #Daddy #Papa #Pappa #Fathersday #Fathertattoo #DadTattoo #Papatattoo #Guitar #NeotraditionalDid one of my designs on a guy with the same name as myself. I like the fun in that. Black Sabbath Tattoo - I added my style to the guitar and moon background that are synonymous with this epic bandThis is the tat I got in memory of my dad!From the depths of the sea"Effect of the observer"The effect of the observer (the consciousness of the observer) is a group of hypotheses about the possibility of the observer influencing elementary particles. It goes back to the ideas of the creators of quantum mechanics, and is a consequence of the problem of measuring quantum effects. According to Bohr, without an observer, the surrounding reality is only a probabilistic form. Concrete reality appears only with the advent of the observer. Some scientists equate the observer, man, and human consciousness. So Werner Heisenberg in the book "Physics and Philosophy" mentions a subjective observer. John Wheeler states that: "Observers are needed to bring the universe into being."
Tattoo by @SarahDLibertyI'm the dad of the group, so here's my dad shirt.Most meaningful of all my tattoos. #guitar #Fender #inmemory #dad #rip Michael Rooker as Yondu from β€˜The Guardians of the Galaxy’Portraits of my clients daughters as huntresses in the  wild The organic textures in the fluidity of the body refer to the sensation of naturalness and harmony that is experienced in the movement of our physical being. When we talk about fluidity in the body, we refer to the ability to perform smooth and coordinated movements, as if it were a dance. These organic textures are found in nature, like the flow of water, the movement of leaves in the wind, or the softness of sand on the beach.
In the practice of various artistic and sports disciplines, such as yoga, dance, meditation or tai chi, the aim is to cultivate this fluidity in the body, allowing a deeper connection with oneself and with the environment. By integrating these organic textures into our movements, we achieve greater body awareness and a sense of harmony and well-being
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