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And still nobody got it right guessing the first time

And still nobody got it right guessing the first time


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Looks better than the first time I got it lol(:We got the time right with this one Just in the right place and the right timeMy first tattoo. Got it at 18.'Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten'The day i got tattoed for the first timeThe cutest face and the sweetest tribute to a friend. I could stare at this one all day and I had the best time tattooing it!
Took the photo at a funny angle so got a bit of a warp on it. WARP SLOTH.Right after I got it
Fun skull for a first timer.  Still love to do people first tattoo.  Always tell people to get it done the right way off the bat.  Still got openings for November here and there during the week.  Come by for a consultation and set up your next piece! ✌🏽#bng #skull #inked #arte #tatuaje #hardlifegambler #dynamic #blackwork #illustrative #peaces #art #life #hustle #blessed #skanvas #oc #cypress #longbeach Got my first tattoo 2years ago :) still love it Movie Still from "About Time". Micro Realsitic Tattoo taken from the movie.My first tattoo the day after I got it almost 2 and a half years ago. Still loving it 😊All this time later and I still love it.