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JAJoa Antoun Tattoos
Joa Antoun Tattoos
"then they paint their dreams.."

"then they paint their dreams.."


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Dreams"They carry their cross" Ukrainian Cossacks for Vitaliy (February '18) ◾ #тату #казаки #козаки #trigram #tattoo #cossacks #inkedsense
Sweet dreams Salmon are considered “ANADROMOUS” which means they live in both fresh and salt water. Very few other fish can survive in such wide ranges of salinity, and would die if they moved between salt and fresh water the way that salmon do. . They are considered a KEYSTONE SPECIES This means they have a disproportionately large impact on their ecosystem relative to how many of them there are. If a keystone species were to disappear, their ecosystems would change significantly. . THEY TRAVEL GREAT DISTANCE to get back to they river they where born. There are many theories about how they are able to do this. Some state that salmon use the Earth’s magnetic field to guide them, while others say they use their strong sense of smell to guide them home. . Many believe that the word “salmon” comes from the Latin word salmo or salire, which means “to leap”. If you’ve ever seen salmon battling rapids and strong currents as they head upriver to spawn, then you know they are aptly na