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So here I am, for the love of the symbolic vehiculed through the great Da Vinci, the proportions of our bodys in motion with my spine and my body. Running this ink in my blood was a life project to me, and I couldnt be prouder to wear such an impactful part of the Art History.   #vitruve #artwork #symbolic #davinci #inkedgirl #Line #motion #tattoo

So here I am, for the love of the symbolic vehiculed through the great Da Vinci, the proportions of our bodys in motion with my spine and my body. Running this ink in my blood was a life project to me, and I couldnt be prouder to wear such an impactful part of the Art History. #vitruve #artwork #symbolic #davinci #inkedgirl #Line #motion #tattoo


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It was a pleasure for me to be a part of this project, it reminds me one of the best period of my life. 2008 was a great year! if you guys obviously dont know, i was an “active member” of the scene.
who wants to see some photos of that period? of me, of course! 😂🖤
.A special thanks to my bro @blindmachines aka (matty murder ) for collaborate with me and lend me his pictures from the 2008💖The organic textures in the fluidity of the body refer to the sensation of naturalness and harmony that is experienced in the movement of our physical being. When we talk about fluidity in the body, we refer to the ability to perform smooth and coordinated movements, as if it were a dance. These organic textures are found in nature, like the flow of water, the movement of leaves in the wind, or the softness of sand on the beach.
In the practice of various artistic and sports disciplines, such as yoga, dance, meditation or tai chi, the aim is to cultivate this fluidity in the body, allowing a deeper connection with oneself and with the environment. By integrating these organic textures into our movements, we achieve greater body awareness and a sense of harmony and well-being
+info or Whatsapp to +34 635808506I really love to do this kind of project -the hand that feeds- #freehandtattoo done in Firenze Geometric lioness, the addition of the flower of life pattern and the coloured flower to represent the battle of cancer his mother faced.Iconic fish/bulb, Mr. Sparkle, in my fancy glitter method.  I love The Simpsons. "I am very disrespectful to dirt!"
Back by #filipleu and I , loved every minute of this process , thanks to @gabe.a.guerrero for the opportunity to tattoo you ! This was truly the height of my career, to be able to tattoo with my hero is still unbelievable to me . Thank you tattoo gods for this ..thanks to @mva801 for the great shot“I have always had the sensation of having to choose which path in life I should take. I have been torn between the decision of excelling in this physical reality, and doing everything in my power to make my time here on Earth truly incredible. Or to dedicate my life to the exploration of the universe found within, however this would result in excluding myself off to the world around me. After trying the latter for a year I came to the realisation that I need to find a balance, I discovered that love is at the core of both paths but one cannot work without the other, there is a symbiosis at work. I need to find a way to do both…”– ElliotThank you Elliot for the beautiful thoughts, your trust and complete freedom with your idea! Project was done a few months back.By @peterlaevivTo join the waiting #singleneedle #londontattooartist #tattooart #blackandgreytattoo #microrealism #finelinetattoo #fineline #inked #tattooing #tattoLoneliness in the universeLoneliness is a feeling that has become one of the characteristic features of our generation Z. In theory, a person as a social being surrounded by other individuals should not experience this feeling. Is it the result of the appearance of social networks and online life for show, or the fact that we have much more information about the world and people that we want to get away from this? For me personally, this has become the main feeling of life and creativity. I didn’t draw, and I thought that I didn’t know how to do it, until I was at one moment at the bottom of the darkest, most drawn and dreary loneliness. Before that, I tried to close the disconnect with the world, communicating with people who were doing something of what I thought, I was never given and never will be. But if it happens that these very people are knocking the soil out from under your feet, then you, like Alice, are flying to the bottom of the same dreary rabbit hole. And that made me who I am now. The more you delve into knowledge, the less you want to communicate with most people and the more necessary it becomes to build your own world. One of my favorite artists, Victor Pivovarov, a representative of Moscow conceptualism, a landmark in unofficial Soviet and then Russian art, in 1975 produced a series of “Projects for a lonely person” that roughly describe a “perfectly lonely” person. I also decided to make a series of illustrations to the philosophical aspects of the consideration of this concept. Still, I'm also a kind of Moscow conceptualist. The second image I will attach the work of Pivovarov.Based on the generalized picture, we can distinguish four images of loneliness: cosmic, cultural, social, interpersonal.So N1:Cosmic loneliness is a person’s experience of his remoteness from the “all-encompassing” essence, which nature, cosmos, and the world can seem to be; God, the "highest mind" '; human history. This refers to the state of mind of a person who realizes that his “life program” remains unrealized, that his personality is not noticed by society, that he has not left “his mark on history”."Effect of the observer"The effect of the observer (the consciousness of the observer) is a group of hypotheses about the possibility of the observer influencing elementary particles. It goes back to the ideas of the creators of quantum mechanics, and is a consequence of the problem of measuring quantum effects. According to Bohr, without an observer, the surrounding reality is only a probabilistic form. Concrete reality appears only with the advent of the observer. Some scientists equate the observer, man, and human consciousness. So Werner Heisenberg in the book "Physics and Philosophy" mentions a subjective observer. John Wheeler states that: "Observers are needed to bring the universe into being."It's love your pet day and the fact she chose this day was just a mere coincidence! This memorial tattoo is to always remember the happiest dog in the world, the amazing Aria ♡ She lived fast and fully, a great life full of joy and adventures! 
Skeleton with flower petals back in a subtle halo. Fine line shading with quite some details in a small area. It hold quite some meaning for the client, glad I’m able to capture them with the expression of it thru the body language of the skeleton and somehow dramatic expressive petals of the flower.“I went on a 14 day silent retreat and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.Towards the end of the two weeks I had what I think I can only describe as an out of body experience during the 4am session. I felt an overwhelming bubble of sadness and guilt literally rise within me but it wasn’t mine I was just experiencing it for someone else, I opened my eyes in floods of soundless tears that also felt not mine.I forgave my mum there and then, and it felt natural that I would stand by her no matter what, no more distancing myself, no more pushing her to get help, I would just be there unconditionally.When I left and came back home my mum told me she had something to tell me. She’d woken up really early in the morning (around 4am) and she said it was then clear what she had to do and why she had to do it.I believe I felt what my mum was feeling. I still don’t know what my mum actually felt that morning but it gave her the power and motivation to change her life.”