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My next tattoo

With better lettering and more colors that will make it look more nautical, definitely another #megandreamtattoo   I will love.#megandreamtattoo  Some ideas for a new piece #megandreamtattoo dreamtattoo#megandreamtattooWould change a few things and obviously the song. This tattoo is for my daughter! #megandreamtattoo Would love a similar nautical theme, with a little more beach feel. #megandreamtattoo
It's a letter my mother wrote to me when I moved to the US from Italy..  Hoping it will become my Megan Dream Tattoo..  #megandreamtattoo#megandreamtattoo To be honest I would let Megan Massacre tattoo anything on me! 💜 but it would be really awesome if she tattooed this cage clock on me with the text "Wir schließen uns ein, Bis die Zeit uns vergisst" it's German translates to "We lock ourselves in, Untill time forgets us" #megandreamtattoo 🕰💋#megandreamtattoo#megandreamtattoo As a traveler, I'd love a classic boussole tattoo on top of a map of South East Asia. This is where I decided to stay.#megandreamtattoo This would be a great garter tattoo.