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My next tattoo

Dream tattoo: Mexican depiction of the Virgin Mary in honor of my mother, using traditional colors and this statue from Mexico as a point of reference. Ideally placed on the back part of my arm #megandreamtattoo #megan_massacre #Tattoodo
Dream tattoo idea: peonies in pastel shades of purple, pink, red, and orange from the outside middle of my upper arm up onto the top of my shoulder. Peony flowers are predominant in Buddhist art, which I work very close with. Also, their aesthetic resembles that of the Rococo era, bashed and undervalued for its femininity. #megandreamtattoo #megan_massacre #megandreamtattoocontestDesperately want this on my shin in blue ink!! Perfect representation of my background in art history and my feminist activism  #megandreamtattoo #megandreamtattoocontest