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My next tattoo

Surreal Rick and Morty piece by David Peyote #DavidPeyote #surreal #RickandMorty #color #portrait #tattooofthedayI really like this one and I personally think it would be good to use in combination of another one I found to symbolize how my mom was, and probably still is, my greatest supporter when it comes to my dreams and passions. I hope I can never disappoint her by choosing my biggest passion, music, as my career and to hopefully succeed so she can continue to rest in peace and never have to worry about me again. (Found online)I love it. 💪One of the pieces my husband drew for me, I have more of his art. Eventually I want to get them all.Something like what I want. I want the crown of thorns to wrap around my arm and from there something like the other two photos to wrap around and down my arm. #megandreamtattoo #inspiration #notmyart If i could find an artist that could do this much detail, or close to that i would want that on side of my leg
I'm trying to find a tattoo like this, but instead of the tribal make it a dragon with the tail going down to the elbow, the head to rest on top of the shoulder facing forwards, and the claws wrapped around the yingyang.Or if someone is able to do this around the Tennessee area please contact me.☺☺ I drew today, I hope you like itOwls are one of my favorites and I absolutely adore the hourglass. It looks stunning together. I really likes this beautiful piece of art. MAJESTIC😍💘Line work of deadpool cant wait to finish this up #spaceleeyink I want #disney #disneytattoo #gusgus #Cinderellatattoo #Cinderela #megandreamtattoo I would be so happy to have this art on my leg. I would make some adjustments like throwing in a cannabis refrence and fix the blonde fairys hair. But i love work.