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DCDarren Colwill
Darren Colwill
My Shaman / Horned God design. Inspired by the cave art of the Pecos Valley, home to some of the oldest cave art in the USA.Hecate's wheel. Appears on a 3000 year old gold plate found at Mycennae by H. Schlieman (he found Troy) I loved it since I was a boy.Egytian tomb painting blue lotus, combined with celtic knotwork roots. (My love of archaeology+ my Celtic roots)Dagaz, Saxon/Nordic rune, meaning light after darkness, the coming dawn, breakthrough and opening. And also the sign for the letter D... my intial. :)
From a book of designs my fraphic designer brother made years ago. Got this when he moved to Berlin. Promptly told me he had copyright on my arm. Ah, little brothers.....  ;)Oroborous- tail devourer in Greek. Ancient symbol of the cycles in the universe. Over 4000 years old. (The design, not my leg)Koru feather wing. Tickled a bit.Dwenimmen- strength with humility. Adinkra symbol, W. Africa.Running elk, inspired by a Pazyryk ice mummy found in Siberia, over 2000 years old and tattoos perfectly preserved.The motto of Cornwall, my home, in ancient Cornish/English. If you're a GOT fan, these I suppose 'are the words of my house.'