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My next tattoo

MEMichael Everhart
Michael Everhart
Eagle and flag done by ar_tattoos_nycI want a patriotic tattoo similar to this. I would replace the bullet with a full color american flag and have the snake striking towards the viewer. I want more detail in the snake. I am not sure where i want this yet, but I am limited due to Air Force uniform regulations. I would love placement ideas and also different ideas for the tattoo! #dreamtattoo #GadsenSkin ripped American flag chest plate and shoulder cap for a patriotic client #americanflag #colorrealismtattoo #skinrip #chestpiece #pectoral #colortattoo American flag tattoo in a skull and cross bones Time for a American sleeve
A flag I picked up and will never put down. Live by and die by Semper Fortis.Anerican flag forearm tattooAmerican flag/ south Carolina