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My plan is to have him on my forearm kneeling and sacrificing his bleeding heart towards the sky. To complete my right arm. Where I have my portraits of my grandparentsTattoo Orical cards coming soon 🙏🏻 whitten by charmain wilson art by teneile napoli 💞#megandreamtattoo If I were to get a tattoo from Megan, I would get a big gambling tattoo. Not because I like to gamble, but because I worked hard to be a dealer and when I got sick that was all taken away! I want to get a tat of all the games I dealt as a rememberance of how hard i worked to learn how and be as good of dealer as I was and also to maybe find a way to move on from that part of my life!!!#megandreamtattoo Meet #meganmassacre would be my dream come true.If I really want to get something true to my roots, I think this would be the best signifying my native heart. #megandreamtattoo #nativeheart
Japanese tower the start of my sleeve as i travel the world with eacholace i visit ill add to my arm like and comment any ideas or places to go#oscarakermo #realistic #blackandgrey #templeI want thisWhen I visited New York the first time, I fell in love. I want something to remind of the feeling I got walking down those streets. #meagandreamtattoo I would love to do something in a pinup styleTo go with my native roots, I'd love go get this on my calf #megandreamtattoo #native