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Amy Hawkins

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Matching tattoos that my daughter and i have. A real beutiful rose done for my sister. Love her #rose #roses #rosa #rosetattoo #love #realistic #blackandgrey Love this idea of a tattoo. Its truly my #dreamtattoo I would just want to add the shown quote beneath and a pretty bird above. Also I would like the Diamond to look a little more real and bright. But its definetly the tattoo I was dreaming about for a looooooong time now. It has just so much meaning to me, since I had a lot of struggles in the past. This I got after I had a very intense dream of the moon and the sun. So when i woke up I did a little research on the two, already knowing that the moon reflected the suns light. But the moon also represents your emotional state and the sun is your constant.That is why my daughter is the sun, without her I could not shine, I wouldn't have my constant. #sunandmoon #mydaughterismysun#iamhermoon#withouthericouldnktshine#sheismyworld #needsfixedMy chest. Roses, crown, heart, watercolor. I love it! For my daughter. She is my Queen. 👑❤️Adorable mother-daughter matching set with mother and daughter using can phones #motherdaughter #motherdaughtertattoo #love #matching #phone
 As a chest design made from the faces of my son and daughter (from photo) #realdreamtattoo #megandreamtattooWill I ever get a sternum tattoo? If the answer is gonna be yes, got to make sure its by Megan! #megandreamtattoo This is Step 1 on how to feel all sexy and femine at the same time. This is my dream tattoo! I want tiger lillies that would also go down my right arm instead of the roses. Instead of rope, rosary beads for my mum. 'Dad' inside the anchor bit not sure where yet. And the pink ribbon for breast cancer. I am a warrior! Diagnosed in 2012. Been  good fir the last 3 years!! #megandreamtattoo I feel like this would be a great piece to have as my #megandreamtattoo . Her work is amazing and I feel like she would add her own flair to this piece and make it absolutely stunning!#love from a #mother tô her #son and #daughter tattoo made by me in the south of Brazil.My beautyful rose. This is a cover up . The Blue tattoo needed to go after 17 years, thank God Its gone. I love the lace Pattern and there will be more to come😉. The rose is for my sister-in-law, she past in 2011. The 3 little crosses represent her Children, to keep them save. The red bead neckless with marianne, thats my mother-in-law. She watches over her daughter❤