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Amy May
Just a part of my next tattoo. It will be in my upper arm and shoulder, as a sequel of the bracelet that I already have.(I made the drawing)#megandreamtattoo I want something similar on me... you would be perfect to do it.Just need to finish up.  Shame i have to cover it at work :(  #dreamtattoo My second tatoo, i hate it and have plans to have it covered #megandreamtattoo i found this on a page i like on fb... its fitting for megans style, its coming up to halloween and it would be an awesome piece to do.. would love to get a chance to have an artist as incredible as megan tattoo me and i feel this would be right up her street so please pick me!!!I love Megan Massacre and I would love to get a colorful rose tattoo like this one. #megandreamtattoo
This I want as my first one even if I don't have that special someone to share it with and have it in the same locationto be made 🌹#roses I really want another side tattoo but i have side tattoos already if #meganmassacre can do that and encorporate my tattos with this t would be my #megandreamtattoo This would be amazing #megandreamtattooThis is the principal idea of my #megandreamtattoo but I would love that an amazing artist like Megan Massacre put some of her inspiration and finish it as she wants#megandreamtattoo Please😍 would love different flowers and your creativeness & your amazing work done on me!!! Would love to have flowers that represents my beautiful family. I would love to have meaning to it.❤