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Just some style maybes

Jai shree krishnaAbstract form of lord krishna,  modified by me. It stands for freedom, art, love, sacrifies. Tattoo for my love of life "fairy". We wanted to be together but couldn't make it possible. Tattoo is being carved on my back, although I was known that my love is going to be loose,  I decided to make it on back side the only reason is I dont want to miss her each and everytime. I wanted to keep her life time with me as my past, 7 years which I have spent with her was enough to live a most lovable, carring and understanding life. There is her name inside. We wanted to live free thats why there are flying birds, free to live. They are love birds. I want something like this on my left ribcage with the sheet music of Chopins "Raindrops" incorporated in to it. The Lily is for my daughter, the music is dear to my soul!  #megandreamtattoo #meganamassacredreamtattooThis is the tattoo I want @megan_massacre! #megandreamtattooThis is the design i want for my #megandreamtattoo to coverup a horrible tramp stamp 😬❤️I really want something similar to this It's a beautiful piece#megandreamtattoo I would like something like this done by the fantastic tattoo artist Megan. Marie from sweden ☺
Beginning a cover up, changing into a fairy garden with a birth flower for each immediate family member.All work by Mandy Prue#fairy #dragontattoo#mybodyismycanvas #dreams#magic #roses This is what i want #dreamtattoo would love to cover up a bad 90s black tribal "tramp stamp".  Ughhh.I want this! #megandreamtattoo#realistic #rose #pearl #fullcolor #hand #KeganHawkins