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My next tattoo

bridget holmes
I want someone to get artistic with this. It's a semicolon and a butterfly. It's a concept I want to get on the outside of my leg. Size depends on the artist abilities. #megandreamtattooIn honor of my brother who passed away too young.  Miss him!I want this under the right side of my birds and one of the last feathers i want it breaking up to the left to connect up with my other birds .. And inbetween the birds and the dreamcatcher i wnt it to say "Your wings were ready but my heart was not" and under that my Dads name, his birth date and his death date. #megandreamtattoo Got this for my grandfather that passed away. He had love tattoo on his fingers and loved hunting and playing poker. The card numbers are his birthdayI want to get this for my next tattoo Just a beautiful little piece to remind me of my grandmother who passed when I was 9.
This beautiful corset tattoo. Looks amazing and i would love to get this added to my body canvas. #DreamTattoo#megandreamtattoo my favorite animal is the frog since i was a kid. I would love to get this tattoo on my foot or calf. I love that it has meaning for me yet is feminine. This is a quote i want over my shoulderWant this in memory of the 3 babies I lostthis is the tattoo what I want next to member my grandad who just recalty passed away R.I.P Grandad I miss you and this tattoo will be worth it if you guys got any better ideas of what tattoo I should have for my grandad to go on my farther and daughters arm just message me it means alto your support doesTattoo I got of a blue Monarch Butterfly with a cross in the middle. It says "God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart." It's written in script. Got this tattoo for my sister that passed away on 08/03/2015 and my best friend that passed away on 02/02/2012.