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My next tattoo

Jinomenal .
Group of friends with same, BTS A.R.M.Y tattoosBTS A.R.M.Y tattoo on ankle. BTS member, Taehyung's solo song called, 'Singularity' tattooed on inside of forearm (I think that what it's called idrk tbh) 😂BTS Album 'Love Yourself' flowers with cursive words. BTS Album, 'Love Yourself' with colors and BTS Album, 'Love Yourself' in black and white with BTS A.R.M.Y symbolBTS Album, 'You Never Walk Alone' 'Spring Day' tattoo
Three different BTS related tattoos. Wings album cover, BTS A.R.M.Y and half moon and members head with ombre black, blue, red and purpleBTS WingsMy friend and i got corresponding tattoos. This flower is from the cover of the BTS album Love Yourself. #bts #loveyourself #kpopBTS You Never Walk Alonethe first love. [bts♡] love yourself, her. album'I know myself' written on top of a little wave with BTS member, Seokjin's name written in Korean at the bottom.