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My next tattoo

Danika Bourgon
Well I  got my very first tattoo today. "Never Lose Hope" with the semicolon. During my senior year I fought with Depression. . Everyday was a new one in hell for me! I hated myself, My actions, Everybody, and just life itself. . I considered suicide one too many times, because I lost all hope to succeed, to be who I wanted, and to Live. I wasn't "Ashley" anymore!! I had never seen myself so upset before. . I was scared that I was never going to be happy again!! As time passed Graduation came closer. I just felt like giving up, because I couldn't do it anyways. . I pushed myself though! I saw that I was able to succeed before so why can't I do it now?? I showed myself with the right help, Anything can be done! I was able to graduate on time. . And I am BEYOND happy to say that I haven't been depressed in almost three months! I've been able to see each day is a blessing and I couldn't be happier to be here. I know I've made mistakes. . I know I've hurt people as well as people have hurt me and they've made mistakes, but you can't dwell on the past, because it'll just kill you in the end! Everything happens for a reason and you just gotta learn from your mistakes. I've encountered many obstacles on this Journey, but NOTHING is stopping me. "Success is your journey through life everyday. With lessons learned! Mistakes Altered and just moving on". . I have a will to continue. . THIS ISN'T THE END BUT A NEW BEGININGFirst tattoo🙈I got this for my anxiety disorder, to remind myself to breathe through it. I got the planets since the universe is so big so why worry. #anxietytattoo #anxiety #mentalhealth #tattoooftheday #tattoo First tattoo. #camera #cameratattoo #firsttattoo #forearm #minimal #minimalart #blackandgrey
My Mother po added on 2/21/11 and my daughter's BFF pass on 2/21/15 . Red & black in honor of my daughters friend & my baby girl... infinity so we will meet again birds Cary us were we need to go. Drawn by one of my students on my school bus.  Multiple meanings super proud to show this one off.s saying be strong, believe. My mom fought cancer for 4years. Baby girl fought depression ending in suicide, BELIEVE IS FOR ME that I will survive my bipolar and migraine,depression and anxiety issues.For my anxiety.. #anxiety #breathe