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My next tattoo

AAAnita An
Anita An
Watercolor tulip by Aleksandra Katsan (via IG -- dopeindulgence) #AleksandraKatsan #tulip #flowers #watercolor#scarcoverup #meagandreamtattoo #meaganmassacredreamtattoo #meaganmassacre #dreamtattoo .. Want this to cover my whole back ❤Cover up!I'd love to cover-up my chest with a peacock or octopus. I want the piece to extend onto my neck and between my breasts but not to interfere with my dragon or at least incorporate nicely with my dragon rib piece. #megandreamtattooLove this design #mandala getting it for my cover up #love
#megandreamtattoo #coverup I'd love cross between these designs with more shading and colour to cover up a simple celtic knot outline on my lower back #megandreamtattoo #meganmassacre #megandreamtattoo really want something like this to cover a couple of surgery scars!! I've just lost 55 kilograms & have recently been booked in to have excess skin removed. Once that has healed I want to have a similar tattoo to this under my beasts to cover up my scaring it would be my #dreamtattoo especially if it was an original @amijames I could think of no better way to shed the baggage of my old life & embrace my new one than that.I have a tattoo I want to cover partially on my lower back with this tattoo.. Unique and expressive. I love it! ! #dreamtattoo #meganmassacre