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My next tattoo

DMDucky Moses
Ducky Moses

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In between the shoulder blades First tat grandmother picked left shoulder bladeYes I am! Want the whole shoulder capped! Possible shoulder tattooThis is a tribal rose tattoo that i would like to get starting on the back of my right shoulder and spiral it down to a half sleeve! Done by one of my faves #megandreamtattoo... pic credit: The Internet#shoulder #floral #flower #blackandgray
This is a trinity knot which is also a Celtic knot for sisters. I got it on my upper left arm just below the shoulder. My twin sister has the exact same one on her right arm only her's is blue. It is my only professional tattoo done in an actual shop somewhere in SLC, UT. Thinking about getting this for my first tattoo. Any ideas on where it should go? I was thinking on my back inbetween my shoulder blades, then change the "5" to an "8" so it'll be the last two numbers of my birth year. #dreamtattoo something like this starting at my shoulder, wrapping around my torso, down to my thigh. #dreamtattoo This would be awesome for the #megandreamtattoo but instead of a Chinese dragon as a Mexican I think Quetzalcoatl would fit better <3 I have to say hip tattoo of an aztec god is hard to find it's always on shoulder-arm and mostly on men... @megan_massacre please make it true!!A phoenix with the words "I need your grace to remind me to find my own" in black and grey on my shoulder- cap/quarter sleeve possibly #megandreamtattoo