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Last Of Us

Ellie’s tattoo in ‘The Last of Us Part II’There’s a functional reason for the tattoo, which is covering up the bite she has. She suffered from the infected wound that proved her immunity to the virus on the first game.The moth was chosen because it resemblance to a firefly, a nod to the rebel group of that name within the game. But the image is also a symbol of death and compulsion.I did rework the moth a little bit. If you swipe you'll find the original printed version of the game. Really enjoyed doing this project.
Ellie's arm tattoo from the last of us part II. The Last Of Us Firefly, such a great gameThe Last Of Us' Stalker and ClickerAnt braço tema the last of usLight of the last of us
Ellie (Last of Us 2) Tattoo design....did my own modifications to the designJoel from "The Last of Us", part of a full sleeve in progress!The last of us tattoo jeux vidéo tatouage The last of us 🧟🔫👩🏻~Tatoo of Ellie The last of us 2The Last Of Us♥