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My next tattoo

EAErin Amber Smith
Erin Amber Smith
oriental painting style plum blossom :)🌸 Cherry Blossom 🌸Cherry blossom with a fantail. A reminder of my time in New Zealand. #cherry blossom#dreamtattoo japanese cherry blossom flower and petals dancing down my back 🌸mmmm Cherry Blossoms, aka Sakura, are know for their short lifespan, reminding us that life is too short and we should appreciate all it has to give us.
oriental painting style plum blossom :) #watercolor #watercolortattoo #flowertattoo #orientalpainting #plumblossom #bird #blossom #flowers #toontowntattooMy family tree represented by a cherry blossom branchRed cherry blossom watercolour body art, from appendix scar camoflage to nape of the neck Bali Om, by Abenk Sila fm Bali Shadow, SeminyakCherry blossom Sakura female tattooMatching cherry blossom tattoos by La Patty Inkheart (via IG -- lapattyinkheart) #LaPattyInkheart #friendshiptattoos #cherryblossoms