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My next tattoo

GHGuilherme Hetfield
Guilherme Hetfield

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Anubis black work 🤙⚡ #anubisttattoo  #tattooblackwork  #blackwork  #anubis  Tje eye of anubis
I've been wanting an Anubis tattoo for like forever, and this is the perfect opportunity so here's my take! I'd let Megan design the Anubis she'd like to tattoo on me (that would resemble the one in the picture, facing you not from the side...etc) and I'd like, just below,again I'd let her choose the font that would best fit the tattoo, "Valar Morghulis". I've been very fond of Egyptian Mythology for close to ten years (half of my life since I'm 18) and Anubis is a very important God to me. So yeah. #anubistattoo #megandreamtattoo #meganmassacre #egyptiantattoo#dreamtattoo #anubis