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My next tattoo

John Bell
#tattooartist #tattoolife #tattooworld #tatudoresColombia #ink #ambigram #flipscript #family #ForeverTattoo i recreated because i found it awesome ;p (Original of the one on my desk)#megandreamtattoo I have wanted a phoenix tattoo for the longest time but to have such an amazing piece you have to find the right artist who can make it come alive and i know Megan Massacre could do that.#megandreamtattoo i suffer from epilepsy and had at 3 different times attacks in traffic. I survived them all so i am sure i have an guardian angel. I live in The Netherlands and would love to win this to put it on my right under arm. xxx#megandreamtattoo I absolutely love this tattoo and I would love to get this done on my back by @megan_massacre
Suzuki gsr750#tattoolife #art #artoftheday #tattoo #suzuki#gsr750Love love love. Want it so bad in memory of my father. Who i lost almost 2 years ago. #megandreamtattooWould love to have a fox tattooed by Megan... she is so talented, I can't wait to see wait her perspective on this image would be! #megandreamtattoo #foxThis is a picture I found on Pinterest and it is very close to the tattoo I want on my back. It has a lot of meaning behind it for me and would love to see the day I could actually get it. #megandreamtattoo#megandreamtattoo I would love to get this tattoo done