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JCJustin Case

Justin Case



I enjoy beautiful and meaningful tattoo's as they express some form of profound powerful thing that has the uniqueness of each of the soul's how the truly beautiful people in this world my favorite tattoo's is Nordic things as I am a devout and although not perfect man I conduct myself to the best of my personal perception of the teachings of ASATRU and it is my most prized and special privilege to also recognise and Honor the embodiment of the Goddess FREYA that blesses every man's life around the world I am only looking for friends and enjoy the beautiful art work that is an extension of the person's soul that has chosen the form of living art to express them selves and that person's personal triumphs over the train's and lesson's that have been passed with honor and pride so to everyone that reads this SKOL I salute you and would be honored and blessed by anyone that chooses to become friends .