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My next tattoo

kpop army
BTS Album, 'Wings' cover. Namjoon's signature 'You got no jams' saying BACKGROUND ON TATTOO!  ~Whioe BTS members we're on a airplane, J-Hope had a camera and was kinda 'interviewing' the guys on their English. Rap Mon turned to Jimin, who was sitting in the seat in front of him, and this is how the conversation went.  RM: "Jimin." Jimin: "Yea?" RM: "You got no jams" {JK, J-Hope, JM crack up.}BTS Album, 'Wings' used to cover up another tattoo that was removed.
BTS Love Yourself tattooThree different BTS related tattoos. Wings album cover, BTS A.R.M.Y and half moon and members head with ombre black, blue, red and purpleBTS Album, 'Love Yourself' with colors and BTS Album, 'Love Yourself' in black and white with BTS A.R.M.Y symbol