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My next tattoo

This my left back shoulder.. my husband's initials within the infinity symbol with a red heart.. #infinity #heart #husbandStart to my sleeve. A rose to match the one my grandfather got in world war ll. And the saying and paw print for my three fur babies that I lost in a house fire 3 years agoI got this as a memorial for my parents #dreamtattooTop photo is my first tattoo for my daughter's names in the Iffinity symbol got it done July 2nd 2015 and the bottom photo is mine and my boyfriend matching couples tattoo got it done December 5th 2017 Celtic for new beginnings#tattooinspiration #memphisink #2shAwtTattoos #fearless #dragonflytattoo #kingpintattoosupply #dynamicink #fusionink #colortattoo
Infinity heart in honor of my grandmother who was like a second mom to me.i changed the color from the original image that I found on the internetA tattoo for my family, mostly my brother (M) and my sister (A). The star is the same that my brother has on his chest. Sorry for my english, I am french. This tattoo was my first, I did it three years ago. ⭐️ The artist who did it is #Cassie, a french artist, a really good one !My sisters got a matching one..Symbol for strength and New BeginningsMy 2nd tattoo! #staystrong Celtic symbol for 'everlasting love'