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My next tattoo

MTMandy Todd
Mandy Todd
Want as a cover up on my lower back on somewhere on my body 😊😆 #dreamtattoo1st tat I want on the back of my left shoulder, I want the music notes to be to an actual song💪✌🎶💜Cross on back of neck by Kelly#dreamtattoo Love the meaning of owls tattoo. Like this one but a little more life like.I would love something like this, something that have to do with music because my granpa is a musician and my dad plays the guitar, sadly I cant see then everyday because my parents are divorce, I'll love to have something like this on my body, with a lot of beautiful colors and something really unic #megandreamtattoo Not sure where to place this and if i even want the words.
For the back of my neck it states everthing I believe. I  🖤 the map! I found inspiration on Pinterest (this is not my photo).The one I want on the back of my neck. Image found on google.My next project! I want this on my bag !This is a quote i want over my shoulderUsing this idea for the Just Breathe...