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Maryjane Diaz




i have 5 tattoos. I Had 3 of them done when i was 16 by a friend of mine. I Got my lityle sister name (Destiny Marie) on my left forearm. BG (babyGirl) on my left hand inbetween my thum and index finger. I had her start a name i was thinking of getting but chose not to do on my right forearm so i have an unfinished A tatted . My Friend had no idea what she was doing so as you can guess they came out emberassingly ugly. my 4th tattoo im not too disapointed with i got Aliyah on my left hip. my last tattoo i had started in a Shop in san jose but i didnt finish for inapproriate Customer service reasons with the artist. so i have an unfinished ANTHONY on the rightside of my lower hip. ive had really bad expierances with my tattoos. Ive made some foolish choices on who i allowed to do my work. this time around im making wiser choices. its time to Fix these. Someone please help me.