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GMGypsy Mermaid

Gypsy Mermaid



here we go. Once apon a time there was just I. got so lonely I developed a drinking problem. I was a lonely bitch who swore alice in chains was her calling and noone could understand as I was in for a wild ride called me. now me was alright the same as I tormented ...lonely and lost but very content in her own bubble . Me knew about the world as I lived it. together they made a lethal team. Now As usual Me and I tore shit up making titanic impressions apon human and living organisms throughout mother natures beautiful unprecedented universe Me and I needed to look deeper. They yearned for fucking years ....Mike drop.. then there was 3. Myself. this is what put the cracker in the jack. the pea to the pod. my mer's to I's maid. as a whole self as one i am 3 ultra amazing undetermined irrational mass mess of fucking life and energy. i choose usually me sometimes slacks myself is addicted to being addicted all of them aspire to live and let live love and prosper. ive met karma. bitch is fierce and on rag 24/7" as for a tattoo. im wanting just this. be like bob ross and paint me a pretty picture please. eyes are 3 so close but never touching mermaids tears a soul left stumbling .