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Awesome example of crossover design. Both still anime granted, but Scifi Gundam meets pseudo-religious Grail War character that happens to be female personification of heavy fantasy icon King Arthur. You can see that combining design elements, in this case at least, led to a cool look. At least that's my opinion, hehe, which at this point I figure is acceptable if it's the only one that matters to me. Not to diminish others opinion, but, c'mon, do you know me, did we go to school together, work at the same horrible fast food chain together? Then you must admit, as little as your opinion (at this uninformed and unacquainted point in time, mine probably means even less to you. I just sat and watched a Supernatural episode where they were pulled into an episode of Scooby Doo. Another unexpected crossover that works. [still waiting on the gi joe/transformers movie or TV show crossover myself, but again, that might just be me. I just thought to myself, even if I never do it again, I should thank Random#2,5,and 736 for reading my nonsense, sooo, Thanks for taking the time to read thru my ravings, and as the slowly forgotten saying goes [at least until the highly probable crappy reboot], "Be Excellent to Each Other." 😶Bonus: current and 'classic' interest crossover = wanting the merch that matches. [Maybe slightly (way way) off topic- when you reckon digital likenesses of past [was gonna say dead, but I figure some might still be alive, just no longer commercially interesting] actors (and such) will start actually be used in films and media programming (t.v. shows)? I'm wanting to see Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor in a comedy with folks like Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan, McBride, Craig Robinson- even using established characters rather then the real actor (Ace Ventura acting as "***" rather than Jim Carey's portrayal; big difference) I brought it up because I started thinking of what those movie posters would look like. Admittedly, I'm not hopeful, but at the same time, I keep thinking, "I'll never have the flying car folks were sure would show up at some point around yr 2000 (super doubtful- as I dont see how the police would police/enforce 'traffic' laws much less enforcing mandatory flydrive lanes, of course I've thought of this, you prob have no idea how many magazines, books, TV shows, movies, etc. made vague assurances during the 80's not so much in the 90's, and not again after yr 2000 [unless it's a product run so limited in number as to be if not effectively unknown to the average Joe, than a design or something similar that's incomplete, "still in testing", or (if even functional [doubtful!!!] then prohibitingly expensive to all but maybe 3 or 4 people (lol, are they even people by that point?) If I have to justify this rant to earlier statements.... I've lost track of the drawings I'd done growing up of some vague design idea from a vague still magazine article with some leading statement like 'in the future' haha, or worse still ' in the near future' although I noticed they've started adding 'possible near future'. Now if I haven't lost the 2 or 3 folks that are actually reading this, and maybe your thinking this isn't relevant. I've seen Gundam tattoos, biomechanical tattoos (yep, that was a "possible near future' product line a few times: biomechanics), hell, even digital effect tattoos were mentioned outside of fictional media, and I'd love a digital tattoo with possible variable design settings, but disregarding the costs itself, still leaves training of tattooist to implant(?) said digital interfaces, then the possible programming, charging/recharging, legality, etc.,. Especially after seeing so many botched eyeball tattoos online. Anyway, it's my explanation I can ramble nonsensical rantings an ravings thru endless run on sentences as much as I want, yeah? Anyway, I've always thought that as Progress brought new ideas and such, it can only increase the interconnectivity of design ideas further. Haha, I felt I had a lead in, somehow, to the flintstones meet the jetsons movies (TV special?), but as horrible as they were, I cant quite pull them in...🙄Elements of board games (classic or not), that has to be pretty consistent everywhere. Hell, I'd love to have a couple 3 or 4 foot knight chess pieces, um- I have my reasons.No explanation should be required3rd 'Duh' w/bonus: cats
Have no definitive reason, other than I like the looks of heavy brush into complex (kinda sorta) designs, also like the not quite rorschak blots that have underlying design elements, etc.,. I wouldn't mind an astrological tattoo, but I'd soon get irritated having to explain the (consistently and aggravatingly) feminine design(s) of Virgo and figure to skip the aggro and use the room for other inrerests like AH Real Monsters, Gobots Cy-Kill, a heretofore unseen design similar to Voltron but (being an unapologetic stoner) made of bowls, bongs, dab rigs, grinders, and other obvious marijuana accessories (of course, simply called Bowltron [always thought hookah's flexible hoses  useful as musculature) I've never seen such a design, but I lust after it nonetheless. Back to topic of horoscope tattoos, I think this Example of a Virgo tattoo is the least feminine I've seen, (not knocking feminine anything, just not convinced a toga wearing patrician chick would mesh well with Smiley from Evil Ernie, the mandatory Arishikage Clan tattoo, Odin's 2 ravens, and various past animated characters (CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!!!) [Yeah, I do that sometimes, I know, I know, I'd kinda rather I didn't, but I do, also, every so often a "Here I Come To Save The Day, MIGHTY MOUSE!" happens .... let's not be judgy, okay] I just feel, compared to, say a Scorpio, Leo, Or Gemini tattoo, we Virgos got hosed, all I'm gonna say.I was really young the first time I watched a VHS rental of Dragonball, back then he was the tiny kid with the monkey tail that fought the Red Ribbons, and like I said: I want the characters i watched growing up to mature as i do (age+mentality) Noticeably, I'm not the only one; considering the stuff that'd most likely cause childish disdain (certain toy lines, comic books, video games) tend to be rebooting pretty much 1 after the other. Not that I'm bitter about it or anything, maybe a little about being told I'd get my stuff back at the end of the school year, and never did I ever get stuff back, hahah, that's a shitload of gi joes, comics, a couple skateboards (nash boards? Natas? lol), quite a few Ravage transformers (G1 fav), I'd forgotten about the old DC figures were you'dsqueeze the legs together and the arms would move, just off the top of my head. There is no list, I repeat, I've never ever made a list of the stuff 'confiscated' by teachers or sunday school wardens. Alrite, there maybe some bitterness, but never a list. Anyway, the crossover of specific interests,genres, characters, etc., with/without combining or 'updating' selfsame subjects leaves unlimited potential for designs. I'm convinced that's pretty much universal to anyoneHad to put it sideways cause it wouldn't stay inside the box otherwise. I like it for the sweeps, the bleeps, and the creeps. My fault, couldn't resist, didn't much want to either. Anyway, I've always liked the fluid sweeping forms, I think other than the usual 80's toyline/metal band/outta price range vehicle posters/book covers I had when I was a kid; I pretty much always managed to have one of the Hokosai print/book cover/griptape setups growing up. (using it as an example, did not wanna get into learning (about) curve of interest like the dragons, Conan, robots, old kungfu movies, aliens (how did I forget Giger?!?), mazes/labyrinths....ha, just said I didn't and completely started to)Dunno who the artist is, but I'm a H.P.L. fan, well, that, and knowing Cthulu waits...(insert tense 80's soundtrack/effects here [because I dont know how])My fault for the shotty pic, was taken on a pre-galaxy 1 phone (age-wise that is) Work is by Greg Dickson (Dixon?) Retired artist/art instructor (he 'dislikes being called a teacher, heheh), pro-level stoner, avid ww2 model builder, all around crotchety/cool old guy. Ha, he went with us to Cannabis Cup in Demver '15 and wore a suit each day (I had folks convinced he was a pastor...because I thought it was funny) Forgot to mention he's colorblind af.They remind me of Spy vs Spy, and I like Star Wars. And I really want to buy them (if I could find/afford/crow about the purchase (crow as in Pan level brag))