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MHMichael Howes
Michael Howes

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Manu ‘Iwa (great frigate bird) design that I drew myself and had inked by @brady_202 When the black silhouettes of the ‘iwa (great frigate bird) appeared over my grandparents' house, I would stare at them in awe, thinking that they were some kind of pterodactyl that somehow escaped the fate of the other dinosaurs. Never flapping their wings, I wondered how they were up there. There was usually more than one, so you can imagine the scenes of some cheesy sci-fi thriller, "When Pterodactyls Attack" that would play through my mind. Eventually my grandfather would explain to me that they were birds (wow, really?) and were harbingers of something at sea, most likely a storm which had driven them inland. Fast-forward a couple of decades after the Internet became available to us all, I eventually discovered, thanks to Google, that these birds will spend most of their lives at sea and in flight, close to their homes, usually landing only to incubate eggs and all that good stuff you would likely see as a part of the Nat Geo special for any avian episode.It has been many years since I have seen one of these effortlessly riding the winds high above, but the next time that I do, I will make sure to scream, "pterodactyl!" for old time's sake. Just kidding. I will look at them in a different light, with a new respect and appreciation for them. My grandfather saw these birds as a sign of something in the distance, something in the near and very possible future. I will wear them as a reminder to myself to heed the signs in life, namely those events that just feel like they're from God. They will be reminders to be attentive, receptive, and aware of things around me. Nā hō‘ailona. (Pay attention, Nic!)Side note... ‘iwa is a Hawaiian term that means "thief" due to this bird's methods of stealing food from other seabirds. Not always in a negative frame of reference, this concept was also used as a descriptor for Kamehamehaʻs union of the Hawaiian Islands. And... Not that there is any coincidence for my inclusion of this symbol in my design, but how's this ‘olelo no‘eau:"He ‘iwa ho‘ohaehae nāulu."It translates into "a frigatebird that teases the rainclouds." It's kaona or hidden meaning is reference to a handsome man which arouses jealousy in others. If you've ever seen ‘iwa in flight, they are pretty impressive, their large wingspans and effortless glide on the wind make for a stately appearance. I doubt I evoke the same kind of emotion when I walk by others. *insert awkward silence* UPDATE: A well-known local t-shirt company stole this design for a t-shirt! Crazy huh?! #polyneisan #PolynesianDesigns #manuiwaCeltic knotTattoo by Sarah Schor #SarahSchor #blackandgrey #oldschool #sacredheart #heart #love #fire #cross #crownofthorns #blood #sword
Tortuga en geometría & blackwork. cdmx. oct'18 TurtleGeometricBlack workMéxicoBlack Celtic Dragon with a red eye