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Michelle Oldland
Remember when Mitchell saved that bird when we loved in Tulsa? For those who don't. There was a bird who got his head stuck in between two pieces of wood at the top of our apt complex. I called Mitchell crying because I heard him trying to get free and I couldn't save it. Mitchell comes home after a 12 hr shift, goes to the apt upstairs, climbed up on their balcony and freed him. At that point it had given up all hope and was just prepared to die. Well Mitchell gave it a whole new meaning for me the other night when I was having a break down. Saying I was that little bird always getting its hopes up when we go see a new doctor about my pain, which again, two weeks ago, was a let down. And it was him who saved that bird and its him who saves me everytime I give up hope. Who, when ever time I stop trying and just prepare to accept a life of pain, he comes by and saves me, the clock represents how he's saved me time and time again over many years.... This is for him... My savior. #dreamtattoo Right hand tattoo just done June 2016 - have plans to contine with rosary style bracelet and words up my right arm; working on a sleeveTrebel clef
I want something similar to this on the back of my arm to finish up my sleeve. Recent work by our Laura The Drawer