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My latest tattoo that I got 19 days ago. Pretty much healed and I'm very happy with it. It has a lot of meaning to me and I'm glad I had the chance to get a tattoo by the artist that came to zimbabwe from the Netherlands :)I would love to get this tattooed on my ribs with a little beach scene. This saying means a lot to me because it would represent the struggle that i have gone through since the murder of the love of my life and father of my child. It has been a battle trying to be able to trust anyone or even develop a relationship with anyone. But i am becoming an even stronger woman and this may be the tattoo that gives me the confidence boost i need.. This quote helps me get through a tough day.  #dreamtattoo @amijames
I get down on lettering tooFor appointments shoot me a text at 818-621-6604 Quoted from Darren Shan, Wolf Island. This quote means everything to me, because I've dealt with a lot of struggle through my life, and even only being 18 I've been through suicidal thoughts and self harm, eating disorders etc and I've had health issues get worse over time. So what better to get than a quote that tells me to basically suck it up and get on with it? First tattoo, and probably most meaningful tattoo I could receive.