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My next tattoo

Nick Nelson
black and gray thanks
Skeleton clock tattooI wouldn't mind an astrological tattoo, but I'd soon get irritated having to explain the (consistently and aggravatingly) feminine design(s) of Virgo and figure to skip the aggro and use the room for other inrerests like AH Real Monsters, Gobots Cy-Kill, a heretofore unseen design similar to Voltron but (being an unapologetic stoner) made of bowls, bongs, dab rigs, grinders, and other obvious marijuana accessories (of course, simply called Bowltron [always thought hookah's flexible hoses  useful as musculature) I've never seen such a design, but I lust after it nonetheless. Back to topic of horoscope tattoos, I think this Example of a Virgo tattoo is the least feminine I've seen, (not knocking feminine anything, just not convinced a toga wearing patrician chick would mesh well with Smiley from Evil Ernie, the mandatory Arishikage Clan tattoo, Odin's 2 ravens, and various past animated characters (CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!!!) [Yeah, I do that sometimes, I know, I know, I'd kinda rather I didn't, but I do, also, every so often a "Here I Come To Save The Day, MIGHTY MOUSE!" happens .... let's not be judgy, okay] I just feel, compared to, say a Scorpio, Leo, Or Gemini tattoo, we Virgos got hosed, all I'm gonna say.