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Skulls With Roses And Flowers

CTCarol Tedder
Carol Tedder
#dreamtattoo  I would love something like this on my upperback. Definitely a dream tattoo. #amijamesI have a hard time choosing between this one and the other design i want on my shoulder blade. #megandreamtattoo What an opportunity to Win a tattoo done by Megan plus it would be a bonus to stay in NYC.... Hopefully dreams do come true. Good Luck everyone I would love to get this tattooed on my hip/thigh... I think it would look killer done in vibrant colours.The tattoo I wanna get is a bit complicated , but it is a combination of all these pictures . I really like the concept of the owl with a different sugar skull design & a different color scheme . Gettin' this tattoo would be very meaningful for I would be representin' my culture & be a little closer to my roots . It would definitely be an honor to get tatted by the beautiful , talented , only & only Megan Massacre . ❤ #MeganMassacre #MeganDreamTattoo #MeganMassacreContest
You already know i want you❧I want this for my next tatI would love these roses but with a day of the dead tattoo instead of the skull 😍 dont mind really would just be a dream to be tattooed by you #megandreamtattoo #dream #pleasechooseme I love this. Something like this would be my dream #megandreamtattoo#megandreamtattoo she is the only one who can make it.