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My Tattoos

#constellation #zodiacI Got matching "Ohana" tattoos with a guy I knew for a month. "Wanna hear a bright idea? Fuck off."My dogs paw on my right thighI got this on my ring finger to remind myself that my heart will go on. No matter where it goes, I'll be okay.
I lost many friends last year. So many showed their true colors. So this is to remind me that there are snakes (liars) in this world. And there are people who look like everything you wanted (rose) but in reality they'll hurt you in the end (thorns)Cherry Blossom branch on upper right thigh. I got this in memory of my mom who passed away on Jan 20, 2019 from Stage 4 colon cancer. She had a cherry blossomed themed tattoo on her forearm. Rest easy mama 💕A Forgetmenot flower 💙