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My next tattoo

Rah Correa
Pretty cool neck rose,couldn't get good lighting but turned out great!First tattoo ever and I'm I love with it the paw is for my cat that passed away also because I'm a leo and the k is for her name Kimi the wings I decided to add because I felt like it needed more what more do I need more than a pair of angel wings btw I am not an artist just a tattoo lover My angel wings. #wings #angelwings #backtattoo
Crown & Roman Numeral Piece #crown #crowntattoo #romannumerals #birthday First one Angel One I drew, Cancer Ribbon for my Grandfather, Angel Wings for my Niece.Accipete Armaturum Dei (On The Full Armor of God) This tattoos inspiration came from a religious upbringing founded in Baptist and Catholic Theology. The sword to me represents the never ending will of God and how sometimes the blade cuts you and sometimes the blade cuts a path for you. The shield is the protection of God from evil spirits and people. The wings are representative of being under the shadow of his wings for protection. For me, this tattoo has a significant meaning. I hope it's designs can be inspiring for someone else's tattoo. This tattoo was done by Bradley Hayes of Ink Revolution Kingsport.