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Ruby Lloyd

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I've loved David Bowie since I was a kid and when he died in January of 2016 my life fell to shambles. Bad things were constantly happening. I was self harming again, I was suicidal again, The man I'd given four years of my life to and almost had his baby got engaged after using me a day before, my cousin passes away from cancer, and then my idol? I was in tears.  But listening to David always made my heart a little lighter, and I still look up to him.  I want to get this iconic portrait on my left upper arm with Traditional Styles so I can add onto it and eventually build a traditional sleeve. The problem is I know a GOOD portrait costs more than I can afford and I know I'll never get it done.  #megandreamtattoo
David bowie!!!
A color portrait of David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King, by Pauly LeVay (IG— art_la_vey). #color #DavidBowie #Labyrinth #PaulLeVay #portraiture #realism #TheGoblinKing
David Bowie tattoo by Roberto Euán. #colorful #girly #sparkles #sparkly #glittery #pretty #RobertoEuan #goldlagrimas #davidbowie #bowie #crystal