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My next tattoo

SASebastião Amador
Sebastião Amador

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this is Levi.    Levi is smart and using sunscreen.  Levi knows if i see him with a sunburn- i will slap said sunburn.   Be like Levi- use sunscreen #megandreamtattoo  One on each shoulderMy Zodiac. Right shoulder bladeWant this on my shoulderAnd like i said the other i have a pic of that style and i would have it like This over the shoulder and chest and the the style like the other but the artis have free hans i want some things from both of the#dreamtattoo would like this to be done on my back towards the shoulder!!
Lil' reaper, shoulder blade Champions, DC 2016Wanted to get this from my shoulder down to my elbow.Upper right shoulder..Idea/style base for an upper arm/shoulder tattoo. Artistic freedom to create an awesome tattoo #megandreamtattoo💀💜 #skull #tribal #working #ink #tattoo #shoulder