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My Tattoos

My very first tattoo. What a way to start the addiction.A cool planchete I got for my artists flashtober special. The Live/Evil tattoo was quick walk-in because my artist had a cancellation and it filled the space in between nicely. And the serpent is from the show Riverdale, and it's the same one Jughead got even with the little crown.Another piece of art I got done. I love my little hello kitty killers.A piece of art I got for Christmas. Based on nightmare before Christmas.
A nice little ace of spades on the back of my neck. I love the way this one looks but i unfortunately never get to see it. Also back of the neck is my favorite spot to get tattooed. It was so relaxing.From the movie What We Do In The Shadows. Very funny movie, it's on Netflix I recommend it.A dice sword with a couple other nerdy elements in it. Got it done in Ireland.Xenomorph Heart