Robot Tattoo Machine Is Back! Now Tattooing Real People!

Robot Tattoo Machine Is Back! Now Tattooing Real People!

The robot tattoo machine is a hot topic in the tattoo community since its invention last year.
Created by three former students of France, this machine, made of a 3D printer, is able to tattoo computer generated designs. The video of its first public performance divided the community in two: the ones curious to see what this new technology could add to tattoo art, and those who rejected the idea of non -human tattooing. Meanwhile, the robot tattoo machine is making its way in the tattoo industry. It now has a name : "Tatoué" (tattooed, in Franch language). And it is now tattooing real people but also looking for partnerships in the design and technology fields...
Pierre, Johan and Piotr, the three inventors of "Tatoué" have improved the machine to make it the closest possible of a real tattooing experience. And they are still working on new improvements, working with several tattoo artists. In the episode 14, you can see French tattoo artist Tony Weingartner studying the process with them.
They have also got in touch with the international community. Their invention has caused a stir in the medias, from internet to scientific and artistic TV shows. They also have caught the eyes of fashion and technological design. They were invited in Sweden to the high-class fashion exhibition Utopian Bodies, as well as the Russian technology event SMIT Space. Around the world, science fairs are showcasing "Tatoué". But, in concrete terms, how can we use it (beside getting a tattoo)?
A first example of the good use of a robot tattoo machine is its involvement in project "INKO". This project, created by French designer Alexandre Echasseriau, is a leather iPad cover, used as a keyboard. "Tatoué" has tattooed the cover with electric circuits made of bare conductive electric ink. Instead of a classic keyboard, you can now imagine writing the next best-seller on tattooed fake skin... The iPad cover "INKO" was introduced at Saint-Etienne city's science fair and attracted the geeks and designers. In Episode 11, you can see "Tatoué" working on "INKO". A match made of heaven?
Take a closer look at "INKO":
Bare conductive electric ink was used to tattoo electric circuits into the leather iPad cover.
A smart iPad cover with a real (tattooed) skin touch!
The kind of tattoos you can get with robot tattoo machine "Tatoué" for the moment. Not a bodysuit yet, but competing with hipster handpoked tattoos...
IT industry, fashion and art, the possibilities of robot tattoo machine "Tatoué" are huge. But the trio insists that they want to make it a real useful tool for tattoo artists. But they are conscious that many tattoo lovers and artists are seeing their invention as a threat. In their website, they take it with humor, offering people to send them either love mails or hate mails... The geeks also offer free phone ringtones with the sound of their tattoo machine... But take a minute and unleash your imagination... Could you imagine a future where you would be sitting in your couch, in your living room, waiting for your own robot tattoo machine to finish your geometric leg tattoo? It's now closer to reality... Scary or exciting? You decide.
Could it be a common image in the future?
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