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Conveniently located in Berlin's most vibrant district, Neukölln, 19:28 Tattoo Club is a melting pot for tattoo, art, culture and music. It has been designed by Wahid to manifest his ideology and vision, which includes advocacy for diversity in every shape and form, freedom of self-expression, as well as acceptance, tolerance, and equality. In short: a newborn Berlin institution that embodies everything we hold so dear about this city. Come join Wahid and the crew in their living room and make yourself at home. 19:28 Tattoo Club goes far beyond the tattoo part, and is designed to be a cultural space above anything else. Several times a month, we open our in-house bar on occasions such as vernissages, tattoo flash nights or wine-fueled night painting workshops. We invite you to get inspired in an environment of beautiful furniture and decoration, culminating in exclusive temporary exhibitions. In our function as an art gallery for young and emerging creators, we are joined each month by a new artist to exhibit their work. Here, we do not limit ourselves to one particular style or medium, but promote artists from all walks of life, including photographers, painters and whoever else awakens our interest. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for regular updates. Of course, tattooing remains our most prominent art form. Black work has always been closest to our heart, and has dominated our history. Always at the edge of the zeitgeist, we never subscribe to trends but prefer to drive them. Accordingly, we pursue and practice a wide diversity of styles in order to give our tattooists a stimulating environment in which they can grow as artists and as individuals. Our tattooists are not only versatile and talented, but also put your wishes at the center of their art as they meticulously and with great attention to detail work with you to ensure you will love your tattoo forever. Our Club offers a cozy lounge area where guests can enjoy refreshments while listening to great music – perfect to accommodate your friends while you are getting tattooed, or to sit down with your artist in advance to co-create your design. As always, up-to-date hygienic standards in our separate tattoo cabin and impeccable post-tattoo care are guaranteed. 19:28's leitmotif is internationality: our residents and guest artists come from all over the world, ranging from France to Japan, from South Korea to Brasil. This allows them to bring their individual styles and influences to the table and create an eclectic mix of tattoo art that caters to every taste. At 19:28, we don't just make, but create tattoos.

Guest Artists

  • to
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    Pro | Black & GrayBlackworkFine-lineHorrorNeo-Traditional
    Traveling tattoo artists from Israel. @astrotravelling on Instagram


  • TT
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    Tana Torr is a contemporary graphic tattoo artist, currently Berlin based, where she works at 19:28 Tattoo Club.
  • WE
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    Pro | DotworkGeometricHand-poked
    We make a life by what we give More than just tattoos Founder of: 19:28 Tattoo Barcelona 19:28 Tattoo Club Berlin 19:28 Society President of the Association Chayma: Dedicated to support the education of girls in rural villages in Morocco’s Rif mountains, and to independentize women. A share of each tattoo goes to the Chayma Association Sponsored by Kwadron
  • BR
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    Old School (Traditional)BlackworkHand-pokedJapanese (Irezumi)
    Handpoke/Machine tattooer born and raised in LA(USA), currently based in Berlin.
  • BE
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    Pro | Black & GrayBlackworkFine-lineIllustrativeSurrealism
    Adding values to human body, brand and art | Tattooing at 19:28 Tattoo Barcelona & Berlin | By Appointment Only

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Nikolas Troup
Hallo, ich möchte in Ihrem Studio als Gasttattoo-Meister arbeiten


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Altenbraker strasse, 3BerlinBerlinDE

Opening hours

  • Monday12:00 – 20:00
  • Tuesday12:00 – 20:00
  • Wednesday12:00 – 20:00
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  • Saturday12:00 – 20:00
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