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    Azgad Abas, more famously known as "Azi Ink" or “Azi” was born in the subtropical third world country of Surinam, South America. Being the son of a fashion designer his fascination with drawing and creating art began at a very young age. That coupled with the unconditional support from his grandfather, who enrolled him into several art programs early on, got him his first job of painting a mural of his beloved jungle home country as a teenager. After a few years of mastering his painting skills he turned to developing his skills in airbrushing. One day Azi took a chance and approached a tattoo studio in Surinam offering them to airbrush their interior in exchange for a tattoo apprenticeship. A bold move that would change his life, as this would later be known as his first step into the tattooing career. Through the generosity of a stranger, whom he would never forget, he received all the equipment he would need to start tattooing career.

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