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    My name is Isaac Aguila and i have been a tattoo artist for the past ten years of my life. Prior to that i worked random jobs but never felt that zing of happiness in my working life until i was given an opportunity to draw and express myself that way. I’ve always been interested in art. Ive studied the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo,Giorgione, and Botticelli. I feel i am mostly drawn to Early Renaissance painting and sculptures. I have been lucky in my travels and have come across pieces from the father of baroque painting, Caravaggio. I listen to classical music while i paint and draw in my art room. I guess classic art nerd would be the better title for myself. ww2 is one the most fascinating times of history and i try to watch/read everything i come across from it. I got lucky in my early life and met my wife in highschool. We have been married for almost ten years but together for 15 and within this time we added our two daughters, Angelina and Lilith. Fun fact for th

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2419 Kettner BlvdSan DiegoCAUS

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