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Born 4 Ink
Born 4 InkB4

Born 4 Ink

About the Studio

We're the only Tattoo shop in NY that offers financing. Tattoos and Piercing, Hookah sales and Piercing Jewelry! Very clean and professional environment. Experienced and Licensed Artist. We are ALL Born 4 INK. We are YOU. You will keep coming. BORN 4 INK is the Home of Jimmy Orozco "The Great Tatsby" Owner/Portrait artist. Tatsby specializes in Portraits, realism and cover ups. Hekk, The senior artist on board is well rounded and specializes in Tribal tattoos and really clean lines.

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Studio location
1507 Silver St, Bronx, NY

Reviews 3/4

Nothing substitutes experience
TGThe Great Tatsby
I'm the owner so DUH I'm going to rate my team 5 stars
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LGBTQ Friendly


Walk-ins Welcome


Consult with the Studio
B4Born 4 Ink
Born 4 Ink